How to Avoid College Debt
by: Tom Tessin

College can be an expensive journey but just because it is, doesn’t mean you have to go into debt by attending to get your education. A lot of students don’t realize that they can actually go throughout college without having to go into debt. There are many steps you can follow and if you follow them properly, you can manage to be debt free when you graduate.


Take classes in high school


Before you even start college, check out some of your advanced placement courses in high school. A lot of these classes will give you a few college credits. The more of these classes you take, the less you’ll have to pay when it comes to your college syllabus.




Since you started school as a small child, your parents always stressed how important it was to keep up your grades. Keeping up your grades is important because it leads to scholarships. The more scholarship money you get, the less you’ll have to pay in college. In fact, there are a lot of scholarships out there that will pay for everything in school. Imagine not having to pay anything!


Search for scholarships


If you don’t have the good grades, this doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible for a scholarship. There are thousands of scholarships out there and it’s your job to find them. Don’t except the scholarship to come crawling to you. It’s like a job. You’ll have to do the hunting. Even if you don’t have the brightest grades, don’t let it discourage you from applying for a ton of scholarships, it never hurts.


Join the army, etc.


If you know you can’t afford college and you don’t want to go into debt, consider joining the armed services, even if it’s the reserves. The government has a very good incentive when it comes down to reimbursing you for school. These commitments can last anywhere from 1 year to 8 years.


Join a community college first


Every town has a community college and you’ll find that these community colleges are a lot cheaper than your universities. Speak with a counselor at one of these schools and see what classes can transfer to the university you want to attend. If you’re able to get your basic classes out of the way, this can save you a fortune. The nice thing about a community college is you’re able to live at home. This will cut back on living expenses. Also, you’re able to get a job near your home which will allow you to save for the university if you do decide to go in the future.


As you can see, there are a lot of things you can take advantage of when it comes to staying out of debt. If you live frugally and don’t spend all of your money on party supplies during college, you can make it out of school with nearly any debt. If you work hard enough, who knows, you may come out ahead. If so, you would definitely be in the minority.

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