Citi Forward® Card for College Students Review


The Citi Forward® Card for college students is by far one of my favorite cards on the market today. Citi Bank is already known for rewarding college students for good behavior when it comes down to credit cards. Not only that, you'll also get points that can be exchanged for anything ranging from gift cards to books or whatever, you name it, you can get it.


Let's take a look at how this card works and how it can benefit you --


The cool thing about this card is that you're able to get a rate reduction if you pay off your bill on time 3 billing periods in a row, make a purchase and stay below your credit limit. While I recommend you pay your card off in full to avoid charges altogether, this is a great incentive for those that can't pay their bill off in full. No other card does this for you.


For every dollar you spend on dining, books, movies and music, you're going to get 5 points per dollar. You can then turn around and use these points on Citi Bank's great Thank You network. As I mentioned above, you'll be able to get books, gift cards or whatever your heart desires. For all other purchases, you'll get $1 per point.


On top of the rewards that you’re going to get with everyday spending, you’re going to find that the introductory rates / rewards are really good compared to most other cards. Since every applicant is going to be different, you’re going to want to look into your application to see what you’re going to qualify for, as well as what you can take advantage of.


If you’re looking for a card with more than rewards, with great rewards at the end, this would be one that I would highly consider.


Looking at the pros:

  • You’re going to get rewarded for paying on time. You also get the chance at getting an APR reduction as well.
  • Great bonus / reward system for spending


Look at the cons:

  • Your points can expire, so make sure you spend them on time!
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