Applying to college can be tough, especially when you have to create a college application essay.  An essay is what will make you stand out above the rest and while it’s never to early to start writing, there are some things you can keep in mind so that you create the perfect college application essay.

Be early – As mentioned above, it never hurts to start writing your essay.  Start brainstorming your essay and laying it on paper.  Before you even start though, make sure the college application requires this.  Some colleges may not even have this as a requirement.  You may be wasting your time.

Just be yourself- Never live in an essay.  The admissions board is always looking to see what you’re all about.  You have to picture this like a job application.  Are you going to lie about yourself on there?  Even if you do, you’re going to get caught sooner or later.  Honesty doesn’t hurt anyone and if you feel honesty will hurt you with your application process, you may want to think of a different school.

Don’t give cliche answers- No one wants the same answer to the same questions.  If they ask about who you are, don’t give a cliche answer such as “I’m a hard worker.”  Instead, let’s spin this and make it very unique.  You have to make yourself stand out!

Don’t act like you deserve it- You don’t deserve anything in life.  In fact, we are all equal.  If we all deserved what we wanted, we’d be on the beach sipping on cocktails not worrying about anything.  Instead, let’s remain a human being and just lay it out instead of being a cocky individual that believes he/she deserves the world.

Make sure it’s right- The best thing to do when you’re done writing your paper is to make sure that you let someone else proofread it.  You can either hire a service or even ask an English teacher.  I would recommend you get someone that majors in English, this will help you find the most errors.  No one wants to see spelling or grammar errors.

Ship it out- The earlier you ship it, the less likely you can avoid that deadline.  Everyone likes to see someone do something on time.  Don’t procrastinate and wait til the last minute.  The earlier the better and this is the motto you should stick to for everything in life.

Writing a college application esssay isn’t that hard at all.  Just be yourself and lay it out how it is.  Everyone on this planet is different in some way.  Don’t think that the college is looking for a particular person.  Instead, be early, be yourself, and everything should fall into place,  Good luck!