If you’re looking for cheap used, or new text books, I wanted to recommend the services below that will find you the cheapest book on the market.  All you will need is either the ISBN, or the book title.

Amazon is the leader when it comes to purchasing textbooks online. What you’re going to want to do is search the ISBN, or the title. If you want to purchase used, be sure to click on the used tabs, when you’re on your book’s page.



BookByte allows you to search out used college textbooks, as well as sell your books back. This is a great way to get money back on your books, as well as find some that are at 50% off!



Chegg is the Internet’s leader in textbook rentals. If you don’t feel like purchasing your book for the semester, why not rent it instead? Choose the term for how long you want to rent, and go from there!



eCampus makes it easier for college students. Whether you want to buy new, used, or you want to sell your old text books, use their handy search, and find what you’re looking for within seconds.

College Text Books 101

Always compare: When looking for your text books, always compare prices.  You’ll want to try the four sites up above to see who offers the best in terms of pricing.  Sometimes you may think that one company is the best, and you’ll come to find out that another offers the same book for 15% less.

Consider selling: At the end of your semester, consider selling your text book back.  A lot of times, if you buy used at the beginning, you will be able to sell at the end of your class semester, and get close to 80-90% back of what you purchased in the first place.

NEVER buy at the college: College bookstores are a rip off.  Stay away from them at all costs.  A good professor will give you the book title ahead of time, or will give it to you during the first day of class.  Make sure that you get your ISBN, and purchase it with an online e-tailer.