If you’re looking for particular degrees when it comes to college, you may have looked at an art degree but since there are so many fields you can go into, I thought I’d list a few and show you what each one is all about.  If you’re creative and you love to design and draw things, an art degree may be what you’re looking for.

Fashion Design - A fashion design degree would focus on clothing and any other lifestyle accessories.  This is great for those that like to deal with everyday clothing styles and fashions.  Fashion designers generally create their own clothing designs for either themselves or other clients.

Graphic Design - Graphic design focuses more on the technology side.  Here, you’ll work with the computer and great any type of image, logo or whatever a client may want.  Generate everything from a new logo to a website layout.

Interior Design - If you’re a fan of houses and designing the inside of just about any building, interior designing may be for you.  You’ll be able to create designs for everything from windows to doors to furnishings.

Photography - Photography is meant for those that like to capture the moment with photos.  If you love taking pictures and everything else about a camera, photography may be for you.

Film - Just like photography, if you like capturing the moment with film rather than a camera itself, you may want to look into film.  Direct and film either independent films or create commercials.

Animation - Animation is fairly new to everyone but you’ll create 2-D or 3-D models.  Create cartoon based animations for movies, commercials or even a still shot.

Web Design - Again, this is a technology based degree but it does require a lot of creativity.  Learn how to create and run a website.  Generate images and templates for either your own business or clients.

When it comes to art and degrees, you can see above that there are many categories you can choose from.  Each one works in it’s own field.  If you learn a little bit of each one and work for yourself, your skills can take you a very far way.