Dorm microwaves are a very important and great thing to have when away at college.  If you’re looking for the most popular microwaves, continue to read below.

Top 10 Dorm Microwaves:

41ptzvbbc8l__sl160_aa160_ The Sharp R-216LS – This Sharp microwave was rated one of the bestselling lightweight microwaves on the market.  With only 24 pounds in weight, this microwave also takes up very little space, which is very convenient for a smaller dorm.   The microwave is very reasonable in price and can be purchased for less than $100.   This microwave also has a very nice design to it and is stainless steel.
31-yloa2a8l__sl160_aa160_ Sharp R-410W – The Sharp R-410W is also a smaller microwave that works great for a dorm room.  This microwave has great power to it being 1100 watts compared to the R-216LS’s 800 watts.  Although, with more power the cost raises a little.  You can get this microwave for a little over $100.
41nkijkdinl__sl500_aa160_ Danby Designer – Danby Designer is a great microwave brand that is very beneficial to college students.  It is smaller, has 1000 watts, 9 one touch keys, electronic touch controls and 10 power levels.  This microwave comes in white and can be purchased for just a little over $100.
41ames07r5l__sl500_aa280_ Sharp R-230KK -  This microwave can be purchased for under $75.  It is very ideal for college students due to its price compact size and weight of just 23 pounds.  It defrosts meats and poultry, has 15 automatic settings, 4 cooking options and 6 reheat settings.  It also has shortcuts for melting, softening, and warming.
316k6io6sil__sl500_aa280_1 Sharp R-410LK - The Sharp R-410LK has 1100-watt power, 4 defrost, 6 automatic cook,  6 reheat options and shortcuts for melting and warming.  The weight on this item is 37 pounds and is ideal for college students.
41y8zk0r5el__sl500_aa280_2 Sharp R-305KS -  This microwave is 1 cubic foot in size and has 1100 watts.  If you’re looking for something affordable, this is the way to go since it is only around $100.  It has 23 automatic settings, 4 defrost, 6 cook, and 6 reheat options, and short cuts for melting, softening, and warming.  This microwave is just 32 pounds and has a 1 year warranty.
31n1wfbb2bhl__sl500_aa280_ RCA RMW712WH -  RCA is a great brand for microwaves and many other things.  This microwave in particular is great for college students.   It is a 7/10-cubic-foot microwave, has a digital kitchen timer, digital clock, removable glass turntable, an LED display, auto defrost and express cooking.  The measurements are  20 by 15 by 11 inches.  Also, another great advantage to this microwave is that it can be bought for less than $100.
5eb3820dd7a0d5796370f010__aa150__l GE JES735WJ – This is a very basic microwave that is great for college students.  The price is under $75, it is very lightweight and is on the smaller side.  It comes with convenience cooking controls, a glass turntable that continually rotates food and electronic touch controls.