Many students today have the option of going away to college right after they graduate high school.  Every student has a different idea of what they want do after high school.  Many students want to go away to college, go to a community college, or just start a job without a career.  So what are the reasons students are going away to college?  Below is a list of ideas that students have when leaving for college:

  • I can finally get away from home.  Yes, many students are just that excited to get out of the house and live on their own for a while.  They want their own freedom and want do whatever they please.
  • I want to experience something different.  Some students just want that different change in their life.  Not necessarily do they want to leave the house because they don’t like it, they just want a different atmosphere.
  • I want to party.  Many students know that when going away to college there will be a ton of parties.  Not all students are excited about this but the majority are.  There are no parents around and they want to hang out with their friends.
  • I want to go there because my best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend is going there.  Many students get so attached with their best friends throughout school that they don’t want to leave each other.  Same goes for a relationship with a girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • I want to receive the best learning possible.  Many students believe you get the best learning experience when going away.  They may be so passionate about a subject that they want the best teaching they can get to become the best in that career.

Many students have all different kinds of ideas for going away.  So if you’re debating on letting your child go away to college or you yourself are debating look at some of the ideas.  Find out why you or someone you know wants to go away to school, and make sure you are making the right decision.