If you’re looking for a great school backpack you’ve come to the right place.  Below we have the top 25 backpacks for any student.

NOTE: There are several different colors for each backpack below.

JanSport SuperBreak Classic Backpack - This is one of the best selling backpacks on the market.  It is one of the more affordable, popular yet a classic backpack.


JanSport Big Student Classic Daypack - This is a great choice for a school backpack.  It has many different zippers to help keep you organized, a nice set up and can hold everything from textbooks, small gadgets, music players and has a convenient headphone cord port.


Teton Bookbag Backpack - This is a great item for the price!  Teton is a very popular backpack brand and is used by many students.  This backpack in particular has great organization pockets.  The pockets hold everything from pencils, a calculator, keys, GPS, sticky notes, and room for an iPod or MP3 player with headphone port included.  There is also a cell phone pocket sown on the strap for your convenience.


JanSport Elefunk Metro Messanger Bag - This is a great backpack that can either be thrown over the shoulder or worn across your body.  There are convenient compartments, a water bottle holder and dividers for organization.


JanSport Agave Backpack - This backpack has many convenient compartments, zippers for organization and even a laptop packet to keep your laptop safe and secure.  This is a great choice if you’re a laptop owner!


Rothco Stonewashed OD Classic Messanger Bag - The Rothco Messenger Bag is great for everyday use as well as school.  There are three compartments for organization and it can be either worn over the shoulder or across your body.


High Sierra Loop Backpack - This is a great backpack if you’re a student that is involved with athletics.  It can be used for either going to school or simply the gym.  It has many convenient pockets, holds various sizes of cell phones, PDA’s, and MP3 players and is a great size for the price!


High Sierra Tank Messanger Bag - This backpack has an over the shoulder strap which can be worn on your shoulder or across your body.  It includes organized pockets to separate different items, a mesh pocket for bottled water and cell phone pocket for your convenience.


JanSport Right Pack Classic Daypack - Jansport is a very popular brand and this is one of Jansport’s most popular backpacks.  It has a front accessory pocket with an organizer and keyper, a suede leather bottom and padded back and shoulder straps to make your load even easier to carry.


JanSport Wasabi Daypack - This backpack has a great setup.  It has many different pockets so you can easily organized your school items, has a V-Loft security pocket for quick access to your CD player and a pocket for your water bottle.  Another great feature this backpack has is Ergodynamic, S-curved straps to help relieve stress from your shoulders.


JanSport 8 -Track Messenger Bag - The Track Messenger Bag can be used as either a backpack or as a purse.  This is great for girls, can hold many different belongings and has many cute styles that are ideal for the ladies.


JanSport Air Odyssey II Backpack - This is a great backpack that can be used for everyday school use and can be very ideal for hiking.  It has many convenient pockets to help keep your items organized, breathable mesh straps to help comfort your shoulders and a waist belt to help you carry your load even easier.


JanSport Driver Metro Roller Daypack - Tired of carrying your heavy backpack around school or campus?  Backpacks tend to put a lot of stress on your shoulders and back.  This is a great way to say goodbye to that.  This bag has many convenient pockets, a mesh water bottle holder, a pocket built for a laptop and still access to carry it like a backpack if you choose to.


JanSport Superbreak Wheeled Backpack - This is another wheeled backpack that is made to make your lugging around even easier.  This backpack is pretty classic and is great for traveling purposes and school use.  Want to carry it like a backpack too?  Not a problem, simply put the handle down and grab the straps.


High Sierra Axle Wheeled Backpack - Like the JanSports above, this is a wheeled backpack but by High Sierra.  It comes with many convenient zip up pockets, a mesh water bottle holder and still the option of carrying it on your back if you wish to.


High Sierra Swerve Pack - This is a great backpack if you’re looking for comfort.  The setup is designed to help you carry your backpack more comfortably and for a longer period of time.  It has a CD/MP3 player pocket with headphone port and a padded interior computer sleeve for a 15-inch laptop.


OGIO Half Dome Pack - This can be used as a duffel bag or an everyday backpack for school.  It is pretty basic yet comes with an audio pocket with headphone exit port, a reinforced base with triple needle stitched trim, a standard shoulder strap and a front pocket sleeve.


K-Cliffs Clear Transparent Backpack - This is a great backpack that kids tend to love.  It is clear and whatever you put in it you can see.  It has received excellent reviews and makes a great backpack.  It also comes with many different pockets for your organization and convenience.


JanSport Half Pint Classic Daypack - Are you looking for a smaller backpack?  If so, this is the way to go.  This is very ideal for children or if you’re looking to fit just a few items in it.


Under Armour Varsity Backpack - This backpack is made by Under Armour which is a very popular brand for many things.  It comes with convenient pockets for organization, cushioned shoulder straps and is more of a classic backpack.


High Sierra Access Pack - If you really want to organize your belongings, this is the way to go.  It has a large compartment with adjustable straps to secure the load, an organizer with a mesh pocket, card and pen pockets, a CD pocket with headphone port, side zippers and a front accessory compartment.


High Sierra FastForward Wheeled Pack - This is another great choice if you’re looking for a wheeled backpack.  High Sierra makes your daily loads easier to carry and much more convenient.  It comes with many compartments to keep your items organized and can still be worn as a regular backpack if wanted to.


JanSport Air Cisco Metro Daypack - This is a great over the shoulder or across the body backpack.  It is pretty basic yet is great for school.  It comes with a V-Loft security pocket for quick access to your CD player, a main compartment to store your belongings and cushioned straps to make your loads easier to carry.


JanSport Air Revolt Backpack - The Air Revolt is a great choice for school, especially for college students.  It has two main compartments to store your belongings and a compartment for keeping your laptop.  It also comes with cushioned straps to make your loads easier to carry on a daily basis.


JanSport Spring Break Backpack - This backpack is pretty similar to the Classic JanSport backpack.  It has a main compartment to hold the majority of your belongings and a front pocket to stores smaller items in the front.  This is a great choice if you’re looking for a backpack that is affordable and simple.