If you’re looking for the best laptop bags on the market, you’ve come to the right place.  Below we have the top 10, best selling laptop bags for anyone.

The Top 10 Laptop Bags:

41glo4xat7l__sl500_aa280_ Targus TCM004US – This is one of  the top selling laptop bags for college students.  This is a very simple and nice bag that has great pocket organizers for items like battery chargers, CD’s, your pens and many other items.  This laptop bag is very inexpensive and is a great bag for anyone including college students!
51m0agqdval__ss400_ Targus CVR600 – This is the perfect backpack/laptop bag for college students.  Here you can store several supplies and your laptop all in one.  It has many great pockets to sort your items to help keep you organized. 
51cz8swkwll__aa280_ Rothco Stonewashed Bag – If you’re looking for a laptop carrier with a design on it, this bag has several to choose from!  It has anything from plain black to an eagle on it.  It comes in several different colors and is great for college students.  This is perfect if you’re looking for something with a neat design and something simple.
41cilfvp4bl__sl500_aa280_ Belkin 17-Inch Messenger Bag  - This is another laptop bag that is highly recommended by college students.  This bag in particular has a nice over the shoulder carry, great folder pockets and has a nice style to it.  You may also choose from the selected colors Belkin has to offer!
419hdw6fcml__sl500_aa280_ Targus TCG200 -  This is another great bag made by Targus.  It has a wonderful setup with many organizers to help sort your stuff.  It has every pocket you can think of.  These pockets will keep your stuff organized and easier to find.  It has everything from a water bottle case, to a cell phone holder it has you covered!
41pf4yjxm4l__sl500_aa280_ Samsonite L35 – This is an excellent bag to consider.  This 4.5 star rating bag has been very satisfying to its customers.  It includes a few great pockets for organization, a shoulder strap and handle for easier carrying and can be purchased for under $20!
519tdcfz1gl__sl500_aa280_ Targus TLE400 -  This bag is especially great for college students and business workers.  This bag includes a business card holder, key clip, pen loops, accessory pockets and file section.  It also includes an external mobile phone pocket, and a luggage strap for easier carrying. 
41zi8oaltyl__sl500_aa280_ Case Logic VNC-17 – Case Logic is a great brand for many things and this laptop bag in particular is highly recommend.  When considering this laptop bag, it includes an interior sleeve that is perfect for files, documents, magazines and newspapers, and an organizer panel which provides extra storage for files, discs and other computer accessories.  If you’re looking to help keep your items organized, this is the way to go!
51c3cb2h70l__sl500_aa280_ Targus CVR217 – If you’re looking for a laptop bag that has received almost a 5.0 star rating from over 350 customers, this is the one to choose!  This bag includes a front storage section that includes a business card holder, pen loops, and key clip.  It also has a shoulder strap for easier carrying and a main compartment also includes extra slip pockets for files.
3188nh0f9tl__sl500_aa280_ Belkin Laptop Sling Bag – This is another great laptop bag made by Belkin.  Here we have a bag that has a fully padded compartment to keep your laptop isolated and safe from bumps and scratches, it fits laptops with screens 15.4 inches or smaller and includes a separate pouch inside that stores your power cords and other accessories and a cell phone compartment on shoulder strap for your convenience.

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