A lot of high school students didn’t do as well in school as they wish they did.  Now, they’re worried about how they’re going to get accepted into a good college.  Yes, grades do matter to a lot of colleges, but there are some out there that want to give you another shot.  Your college career is still capable of happening, so don’t give up.  Instead, consider attending one of these great colleges listed below!  These colleges are the easiest colleges to get into, and accept almost everyone!

Weber State University -  WSU has a great acceptance rate of 100%.  So if you apply, you’ll get accepted!  Not sure where this is located?  WSU lies in the beautiful state of Utah.

Youngstown State University – Looking for a university that you can get into, and one that is very affordable?  This university is a popular choice because it’s the cheapest university in all of Ohio!

University of Texas (El Paso) – El Paso is a very popular college with an acceptance rate of 99%.  This is a great college that is filled with a majority of Hispanic students!

University of Texas (San Antonio) -  This is another great college that lies in Texas.  Apply here, and you’ll have an acceptance rate of a 99% chance!

Evergreen State College – ESC is a liberal arts college that allows a great amount of students to get accepted!

University of Wyoming – Live in Wyoming, and want a good chance of getting accepted into a great college?  If so, consider UofW.

Kent State University -  This is a popular University that lies in Ohio.

Utah State University -  Apply here, and get the opportunity to get accepted into a State University!

South Dakota State University – South Dakota’s University is a great college because it’s affordable, and you can almost guarantee yourself that you’ll get accepted.

King College – Never heard of King College?  That’s because it lies in a small city in the state of Tennessee.

Once again, if you’re looking to almost guarantee yourself to get into a college or university, definitely consider one of these top 10 schools above.  These are the easiest schools to get into, and offer some great programs to get you on the right path!