If you’ve thought about studying abroad as a college student you’ve probably kept in mind all the positive and negative aspects.  Studying abroad is a huge step in a college students life and if you’re considering it for the future you want to make sure you don’t regret going and don’t regret not going.  To make things a little easier and to keep all that’s involved with studying abroad in mind, check out the pros and cons of studying abroad below.

Pros –

  • The best way a person can learn a foreign language.
  • An amazing journey that very few people get the opportunity for.
  • Great to do while you’re young (it is harder to visit a country when you’re married and have children).
  • A great way to learn the culture
  • Best way to get a feel for the atmosphere.
  • An excuse to get way from home and explore the world.
  • Best way to get out and see what the other side of the world has to offer.
  • Great way to make even more friends.
  • A possibility to have new pen pals (great for keeping you up on the latest news).
  • Will look great on your resume for the future.
  • You will have an amazing story to tell your friends and family.
  • A life time experience with many memories, pictures and souvenirs to bring back.

Cons –

  • You may get homesick.
  • You may find that you don’t want to study the language/culture after all.
  • May have to quit a job that you love or have been working for a long time.
  • Far away from your family and friends.
  • You may have different rules with the family that you’re living with.
  • May have a family that you don’t get along with as well as you’d thought.
  • You will put a pause on school (you may not graduate as early as you wanted/expected).

As you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to studying abroad.  Although I think we all know that the advantages highly out way the disadvantages.  This is a great way to learn, explore the world and get out of your comfort zone a little.  Consider these ideas and see where they take you.