1149239_time_for_math_1Once we get into the college world, we realize just how much homework and studying there is that comes along with it.  With so much at our plate, we need to make sure we stay on pace with all our classes, work on homework a little bit each day, and we need to find a designated place to study and work on homework.  This is the place we go to to relax, and work on homework completely.  To find a place that is free of distractions, and that is great for studying, continue reading below.

Library – The library is great for finding the right books, and information you’re looking for, but it’s also good for working on homework and studying.  Since it’s so quiet, it’s easy to concentrate and get everything done that we came in for.

Lounge – The student lounge is another great place to go.  It’s quiet, is full of people that need to do what you are doing (homework and studying), and is known to be a great place to escape for a while.

Dorm – If no one else is in your dorm room, you should consider going there.  Just try and get a desk, and avoid doing homework in your bed.  You will most likely get really comfortable and just fall asleep instead.  Investing in a good work desk is a great idea!

Car – If you have a car on campus, you will notice that a lot of people studying in theirs.  It’s quiet, away from distractions and people, and can be just what you need to get your studying and homework done.

Cafe – If you need to get out of your usual surroundings check out a local cafe.  This is a great place to go to get a coffee, and it has a nice atmosphere for studying.

Studying and getting homework done in college can be very hard.  We have so many friends, parties going on, and so many distractions that keep us from what we need to get done.  So, if you have homework to catch up on, escape to one of these places above!