With the college year approaching very quickly, there are so many things on a freshman’s mind and while you can’t get the answers to everything, we all try our hardest to find the right answer.  Today, I’m going to answer some of the most common questions that new college students have.  If you have a question that you want answered next time, leave a comment and I’ll answer it during our next session.

What is the atmosphere like in college?

Every college varies and to express my thoughts more on this issues, almost imagine a college like any type of store out there.  Some stores are laid back while others have a more upbeat atmosphere.  If you’re staying at a big campus such as a University of Michigan, expect lots of activities and such but if you’re staying at a campus or commuting to a smaller school, don’t expect much of an atmosphere.

How is student life in general, what should I expect?

Student life should be no different than your home life.  Before college even started, you probably filled out a form that matched you up with a potential roommate that you’d get along with.  Your student life will obviously be without your natural surroundings but you’ll slowly get used to it.  New things that you’ll notice are more chores and lots of homework!  College is the start of your new adulthood and you take each lesson one step at a time.

How is college different than high school?

This answer will vary depending on the school once again.  If you’re attending a bigger school, you’ll realize that you’re in a bigger classroom where the professors may not even know you exist but if you’re in a smaller atmosphere, the teachers may know you by name.  The other things you may notice are that you’ll be able to come and go as you please.  Since professors can still mark you absent, it’s always nice to get up and go to the bathroom as you please.  You paid for college, so you’re technically a customer to the college’s eyes.

Is it easy making friends?

If you made friends in high school, you’ll have no problem making friends in college.  It’s all about your personality.  If you’re a hermit, than maybe you won’t but if you’re upbeat and you love activities, you’ll have a ton of friends.  There are other people out there just like you that are looking for study partners, activity partners and more!