899171_book_series_3A lot of people have plans for college right out of high school or planned for their future.  College is a great thing to consider because of things like a bad economy, shaky jobs and a high income.  Although a lot of people like to consider college for their future, a large amount of students tend to drop out over time.  Why would someone go to college, pay all that money and then drop out of it and fail?  There are many reasons, continue reading below to find them out!

Not enough time – There is always the excuse, “I don’t have enough time”.  Although many people are busy there is always time for school.  Not only do colleges have morning, afternoon and night classes, they also have online.  Even if you took two classes per semester instead of the usual 3 or 4, you’re still making progress.  There is always time even if you have a job, children and a family.  Take classes that work with your schedule and a time that fits your needs even if it is online.

Laziness – I hate to say it but a lot of college failure comes from laziness.  When we aren’t interested in doing something, or we have to do something that takes a really long time, a lot of people get lazy and take the short way out by not doing it at all.  If you want to succeed in college you must do what you’re told, finish on time and sometimes go above and beyond.

Money – Another reason college students fail or drop out of college is the costs.  Yes, college isn’t cheap but there are always ways to pay for it.  One thing that is great for college students is student loans.  Simply pay them off when you’ve already graduated and found a job.  This allows you time to make money, save money and pay them off when you make good money.  So even though it is a major excuse it isn’t one that makes sense!

Too hard – Another popular saying is “It’s too hard.”  Yes, college wasn’t meant to be easy and it is hard.  Although, if it were easy everyone would be getting a college degree.  Only the strong survive and will make it through so keep a positive attitude and think where you’ll be headed in the future!

It’s not for me – Although that saying is very true, there is something else to look at.  There are tons of jobs that you can get through college.  Everything from a mechanic to a teacher to a lawyer.  If you’re interested in a certain career and you’ve had the dream to achieve it ever since you can remember, go for it!  Everyone can say “it’s not for me” and take the easy way out.

There are many reasons college students drop out or fail college.  Above, is the main reasons from students.  If you’re looking to succeed in your future college career, make wise decisions, make yourself and others proud and mostly don’t waste your money by making stupid decisions.  If you’re going to go get a college career, get one!  Don’t make yourself take the same classes for a second or third time due to the reasons above.