1121740_christmas_gifts_2There are several of us that wait until the week of Christmas to start our shopping.  This works for some people, but those who start earlier can find much better deals, and be prepared way beforehand.  If you’re a college student that is looking to prepare for Christmas ahead of time, you want to prepare in just a few ways!

Sales – First of all, you want to find out which stores are having the best sales.  If you can find the best sales you will save a lot of money!  Look at the ads through the mail, search online, and see which deals are being talked about most!

Shop – Try looking online to see which deals there are, then compare them to the prices in the store.  Simple price comparing can either save you a lot of money, or help you get more for your money.

Supplies – Check out the Dollar Tree to get all your Christmas supplies.  You will be amazed at how cheap you can find tissue paper, gift bags, gift boxes, and the little knick knack items that make great presents!

Wrap – Next is the fun part.  Get all your supplies out and begin to wrap.  Wrap up all the presents, write out who they’re too, and get prepared to give them all out.

Cards – If you’re looking to send out Christmas cards, you can find packages of them at the Dollar Tree as well.  Write a list of who you want to send cards to, and write them all out.

Plans – Now that you got all the major shopping done, the presents are wrapped, and the cards are being sent out, you need to find out what your plans are for the big day.  Call up your friends and family and see where you’re going to be spending the day.

Preparing for Christmas ahead of time is a great idea.  You can avoid all the crowds, find the best deals, have all your shopping done, and relax like you should around the holidays!