Going to college can be expensive but did you know that there are companies that you can work for today that will help pay for your college tuition?  While the list isn’t that big, there are companies out there that are more than willing to help you with your college.  Beware though because some companies have guidelines when it comes to getting that money such as working with them in the long haul or getting certain grades in order to get the money.  Here are a few companies that offer college tuition assistance if you’re interested:

  • Disney- The number 1 spot according to BusinessWeek for the “Best Place to Launch a Career”.  Disney’s solid benefits and culture makes it great for any college graduate.  Many college students have been hired in here to get promoted throughout the company with tuition assistance.
  • Ernst + Young – Ernst and Young is a big recruiter when it comes to college campuses and one of the main reasons this financial giant is so big is because of their benefits and atmosphere.  At Ernst + Young, they care about your education and are willing to reimburse you for certifications, etc.
  • Google – Google not only offers a great search engine, they also have one of the best benefit programs in the world.  Rated as one of the top 100 companies to work for by Fortune, Google will reimburse their employees up to $8,000 per year as long as you get a “B” or better.
  • Nike – Home of the world’s most popular shoes and top 100 place to work for and launch a career, Nike does more than just offer tuition assistance.  They also offer great health care packages, scholarship potential for your families, adoption assistance, and so much more!
  • UPS - When you think of UPS, you think of delivery but believe it or not, UPS offers a very nice tuition assistance program for all employees.  At UPS, you can potentially earn up to $20,000 with their program.  The nice thing about this is that they also offer it to part-time employees.
  • Wawa – If you haven’t heard of Wawa, it’s probably because they don’t have one in your area.  Wawa’s are located mainly on the east coast that are like your typical grocery store.  Here, some of the benefits you’re going to receive is getting some of your tuition reimbursed.
  • College Full-Time – When you’re attending college, see what kind of jobs they have on campus.  Most of the time, you’ll find that full-time jobs on campus will help pay for your schooling.   Sometimes, you may even get your college paid for 100%.  This varies school to school.

There are so many more companies out there that help you pay with your tuition.  There are smaller mom and pop shop’s as well as corporations.  See if they company you’re working for now does this.  If they do, start taking advantage of it!  But as I mentioned above, make sure you look into the fine print to make sure there are no restrictions.