It seems like whenever we’re school, whether high school or college there is always that one awful teacher/professor.  It seems like there is nothing you can do to please them, get a good grade or nothing you can do to get on their good side. 

If you’ve truly had a bad professor, so bad to the point that your grade had to suffer, something needs to be done.  There are bad professors out there that are way too hard on students and do more bad than good.  What you should do is report them.  When you’re in college you’re a paying customer so you should have the right to have a voice and speak up when something isn’t right.  You want to make sure no one has to go through what you did, so make sure you report them.  Need some help with how you can do this?  Continue reading below to find out!

  • Grade your professor – When the semester ends you will usually have to grade your professor.  A sheet will be given to each student by the college to make sure you write exactly what you thought about the professor.  Be sure you write why the semester was so bad, how they can improve and really give details so they know how to tell the teacher to fix their problems.
  • Go to the dean – If your semester was horrible be sure to go to the dean.  Everyone complains about that one teacher, yet no one does anything.  Like I said, you’re a paying customer and no one will know there is an issue if no one says anything.  Go to the dean’s office and tell them exactly why you’re there.  If there are multiple people that are complaining bring them along!
  • Rate them – Go to the website,  This will give you a good idea what they’re like and what their previous students have said about them.  If you truly did not like them leave that comment about them so others can see.  It is very common that people look at this before they sign up for classes.  Who knows, maybe too many bad ratings will HAVE to make the professor change.

It is always so important to give the right opinion about your professor.  Of course maybe they will do something small that bothers us but that is nothing to complain about.  We’re talking about a miserable semester.  If your semester is going awful due to them, that is when you need to speak up and take action by doing the things above!