Everyone has a certain subject that comes extremely difficult to them.  When in college, we often get frustrated with this class not only because we don’t understand the material, but also because college courses are so fast paced.  If you’re having trouble with a certain college class, you’re not a lone, and you can finish the semester if you try these few tips!  So, give them a shot, what do you have to loose?

Positive attitude – First of all, you need to have a positive attitude.  If you constantly say “I can’t do it”, guess what, you most likely won’t.  So, if you start from the beginning, open your book, and say I won’t quit until I understand it, guess who will learn the material and feel great about it?

Text book – A lot of college students like to pay top dollar for expensive college books, yet not even open them.  What is the point of buying something if you don’t even use it?  So, try opening your book and see what helpful information you can pick up from it.

Questions - A lot of college students are afraid to ask questions when in class.  If you have a question, you ask it!  You pay more than enough money for college, so get all you can from it.  Don’t be afraid to ask a question, because there are no dumb questions, and you may ask the questions other people in the class are wondering.

Help – If you don’t think you can learn the material on your own, get some help.  Don’t feel embarrassed, instead feel great about learning the material and passing at the end.  Many students wait too long, fail and then have to retake the class.  Don’t let this be your situation!

So, if you’re struggling in college, you know there are several ways to change that.  Try out a few of these tips, and see how they go, and always remember, don’t be afraid to ask for a little more help, that’s what people are there for!