When taking classes for your future career, we often come across a lot of classes that we have no interest in.  There is nothing worse than sitting in a class while the professor lectures you on stuff you don’t care to learn about.  Although to get where we want to be in the future we must take the class and do well.  How can you do good in a class that doesn’t interest you?  It can be hard but it can also be done.  There are many ways to make a boring college class more fun.  How?  Read below:

Make friends – If you’re stuck in a college course for several weeks try to make a few friends from the beginning.  When you have a friend in your class the time goes by a lot faster and you at least have someone to talk to.  Also if you have to split into pairs you definitely want to make sure you have a friend.  When you have to study out of class you will also have someone to call up to study with.

Make the class a game – If you and a couple other friends find the class extremely boring make it a game.  Say whoever does the best on the test gets a treat.  Get all of your friends together and study the night before.  Whoever does the best gets lets say pizza for free after the test.  Challenge your friends and make the class a game.  It doesn’t have to be all that boring.  The class is what you make of it. 

Find an interest – If you’re in a boring college class find at least one thing that interests you.  Look further into the subject and challenge yourself to find something you like about it.  There is always at least one interesting thing to an entire subject.

Treat yourself - Since the class is so boring and you don’t have an interest make the best of it.  Say from the beginning if I do good in this class I’m going to reward myself at the end.  Is there an item that you’ve been wanting so bad but you don’t want to spend the money on it?  If so only allow yourself to get it if you do well in the class.  For being so bored for several weeks it times to have fun after.  You want to make sure you have something to look forward to at the end when it’s over.  But make sure you get a good grade in the class, set a certain percentage where you can’t go under.

There is nothing worse than a boring college class.  We all get stuck with them at some point.  The most you can do is try and trick your mind into liking it.  It can be very hard to do but at least consider some of the tips above.  What you put into the class is what you’re going to get out of it.  Make the best of it with your friends!