We all know going to college can be very stressful.  It seems as though having a job and going to college at the same time is impossible, but it’s not.  With all the expenses of going to college it can cost a fortune.   Find out ways to make going to work and school at the same time easier.

Going to school

The average college student takes 12 credit hours per semester.  When taking 12 credit hours per semester most students go to school 2 days a week.  Going only two days a week leaves obviously five days for you to have away from campus.  Although there is a lot of work that needs to be done with going to college you can also fine time for work. 

Going to work

What a lot of students are doing today is going to school the two days a week and going to work for either three days or four days.  Say if you work 4 days a week for 8 hours that 32 hours a week.  Also say if you make minimum wage which is about $7.00 an hour averaging within the states that’s about an extra $200 a week.  Although it doesn’t sound like a lot of money a little bit can go a long way.

Balancing having a job and going to school

Going to school two days a week, and working three-four days a week is a very good way to spend your time.  Not only are you gaining the knowledge you need toward your career but earning money also.  Between going to work and going to school, that usually will take up five to six days a week, leaving you with one or two days off for your own free time. 

What you can spend your money on

By having that job it will be easier to afford gas for your car while gas prices rise.  You can also spend the money on books and classes slowly, little bit at a time so you don’t reach a great amount of debt when you’re done with college.  Believe it or not paying for those things a little bit at a time will take a great amount off your total bill when you graduate.