The holidays are supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time of year, although I think it is safe to say they are quite stressful for most people.  One of the most stressful things about the holidays, especially Christmas is the all the money put into Christmas presents.  To make this Christmas more enjoyable and less stressful, it is always important to get Christmas presents for a cheaper price.  How can you do that?  Continue to read below to get more ideas.

Last minute – Never wait until the last minute when it comes to Christmas shopping.  This doesn’t allow you to get organized or allow you to get all the great deals that you could.  So firstly, start your Christmas shopping earlier than December.

Who and how much? – Always make sure you write out a list ahead of time.  Know who you’re going to buy for and how much you’re going to spend on each person.  This is your max limit and do not allow yourself to go over it.  Most people see something someone would like and even though they have already bought a person something they say “last thing”.  Do this for every person and you’ll see a huge hole in your wallet. 

Sales ads – Simply get the newspaper with all the sales ads.  This will give you a good idea what stores are having good deals.  Find the stores with the best deals and head their way.

Try online – Online is usually the cheapest way to go!  Websites like amazing for great deals.  Also, they usually add in free shopping so you can get things for next to nothing.  It’s almost a guarantee it’s cheaper on amazon than any store.  So always make sure you compare online before you buy it in a store. 

Any credit cards? – Often if people have credit cards they get rewards points.  Really tight on money?  Well if so, see if you can get presents and gift cards with your rewards points on websites like ThankYou Network.

Black Friday – If you’ve really waited last minute, check out the Black Friday ads to see if you can catch any last minute deals.  If it is a must, get up early, head to the stores and save some extra money!

There are many ways to get great deals on Christmas presents.  If you’re looking to really save money this year on shopping, definitely consider the tips listed above!  Remember, the holidays are a time to relax not stress out on expensive costs.