Writing an essay for college can be tough especially when you have to avoid plagiarism.  Some professors are very strict on these rules but others aren’t as strict but regardless, you need to know how college professors find out how you’re using plagiarism.

With the Internet how it is today, it’s not hard to find an essay already posted online or a service that will provide work for you for a fee.  While 90% of the time, services work, copying something from the Internet usually never works.  Here are some ways teachers find out how you’re using plagiarism.

Checking a website – There are a few free tools out there that you can use that a majority of the teaching staff out there uses.  Websites like PlagiarismChecker.com and PlagiarismDetect.com are both free services you can use to see if your essay passes the test.  When you hand in your paper, your teacher is mostly likely going to use these tools.  Many teachers use this tool and you should too!  Even if you’re writing a honest paper, you could still get caught for using plagiarism.

Using paid services – Like the websites I mentioned above, there are some sites you won’t be able to access unless you’re going to want to pay a fee.  Many colleges pay for a fee on big services such as TurnItIn.com.  These services will scour the web and look for anything that screams plagiarism with your college paper.  If you’re willing to dish out the cash, you can get into this paid service.

Using a simple search engine – A search engine like Google is a lot more powerful than you think.  A teacher can simply take a quote from your paper and throw it in Google.  Within the results, your teacher will be able to see where that quote came from, if it did come from somewhere.  If you want to use Google, simply do a search with quotations wrapped around your search.

Asking you questions- If the teacher suspects you’ve used a service to write your paper, your teacher may ask you questions regarding your paper.  A lot of the times, when a student purchases an essay, he/she won’t even bother to read it.  So, when the teacher asks some questions, the student is clueless and the teacher is able to nab you in the act.  Always make sure you write your own paper!  Buying a service will just hurt you in the long run.

With the Internet today, it’s very hard for a student to plagiarize.  It’s important that even if you write an honest paper that you use some of these services.  Sometimes, a student will not realize that he/she is plagiarizing.  As long as you run some of these websites, you should be okay.  If you do quote something or need to cite it, always make sure you do, it’s the safest thing to do to avoid that F.