When we graduate high school, we tend to think about whether or not we want to go to college.  Although, in this economy today, we almost need a college degree to get by.  So, why doesn’t everyone go to college to get the job of their dreams?  It may be a lot of work now, but it will pay off for the rest of your life.  What is four more years of school when you can be less stressed out for the rest of your life?  As you may already know, college can be extremely beneficial when it comes to your future.

So, if you’re debating whether or not you want to go, check out how you can benefit your life by getting a college degree.

Dream job – Ever since we’re little we’ always have had a few dream jobs in mind.  So, if you go to college, you can finally do the job you’d love, instead of working a job that you hate waking up to every single morning.

Great pay -  If you want to make sure you won’t make minimum wage the rest of your life, a college degree may be needed.  A lot of companies can’t afford to pay higher than minimum wage, therefore, that may be all you’ll ever earn without a college degree. 

If you work now at a job that pays well, the less years you’ll have to work in the future!  That almost makes up for going to school those 4 years!

Benefits – How do benefits sound?  The field that you may be going into may offer some awesome benefits.  If you didn’t know already, things like great health insurance for your family, and future retirement packages are hard to come by without a college degree.

Back up – So lets say you didn’t go to college, and you worked at your local grocery store, they lay off people, and you’re one of them.  What are you going to do?  What if everything around you is laying off people?  If you had a college degree, at least you have something to show.  You’re more likely to have a job, and will always have a degree to back you up.

Retirement – Retirement is always something to think about.  If you can get a pension, or a 401k without a college degree, consider yourself very lucky.  Although, most college degrees will give them to you automatically.

When you think of college, think of your future.  If you want to work a dream job, get paid well, get some nice benefits, and retire earlier than you would working a regular job, definitely consider a college degree!