When in college it is very common for students to get overwhelmed.  From the cost of just college in general to all the work it takes to succeed it is easy to understand where the stress comes from.  When a college studen you need to make sure you have time for school but also for your life outside of school.  Between working a job and going to school there is little time to do the things you enjoy.  Although it is hard to find time for a social life and fun activities it is important to set your schedule around having fun as well.  For good health you need to get out of the house, have fun and live a little.  Being stressed out over college is no way to live.  Since you’re probably not used to getting out or having a lot of fun you may need some ideas for fun activities.  Read below for ideas on how to have fun as a college student.

Be a kid again – What did you like to do as a kid?  Whether you liked to play a sport, draw or play video games those were what you loved.  Why not pick them back up again?  Yes, it can be very hard to find time but what is a half hour of your day to have fun and enjoy life for a while?

Go up town – Get some friends together and hang out up town.  Try spending a nice night walking around town, grabbing a bite to eat and maybe go out for ice cream later.  Get some fresh air and enjoy the places around you besides your college campus. 

Call up your friends – Plan a day with your friends to hang out later in the week.  This will give you something to look forward to throughout the week.  Spending time with friends is a good way to relieve stress by telling your friends what’s on your mind and enjoying yourself.  Even if you guys just run up to McDonalds spend some time to see your friends again.

Go to the park – Does the weather forecast look nice for the week?  If so spend those nice days outside at your local park.  There is nothing better than going for a walk, having a picnic with some friends and enjoying the nice weather.  Treat yourself to some fresh air and some time away from work and those books.

Game night – There is nothing more fun than a game night with your best friends.  Get some friends together and plan for a day to play some board games.  Board games are played by little kids to senior adults because they are fun and never get old. 

Movie night – Whether you have some friends over or you go out to the movies take some time to kick back and watch a good movie.  It’s nice to just relax and spend some time watching your favorite movies.

As a college student it is important to still have some fun once and a while.  You want to avoid being couped up in the house all the time.  For good health it is important to enjoy life and get out and have fun once and a while.  Consider some of the ideas above and see how you can make your week more fun!