1193818_autumn_parkWhen fall hits we can start to relax a little bit.  The weather isn’t as hot, and there is more to do outside.  This fall you should take advantage of all the fun things to do, while you’re in school.  Fall is a beautiful season, and if you look at the positive sides you will see how much there really is to do.  If you’re looking for fun fall activities, consider a few of these below!

Apple orchards - If you live in a state that has a lot of apple orchards, you should definitely head that way!  They are a lot of fun and serve awesome donuts and cider!  Not to mention, this is a fun way to spend some time outside with your family and friends.

Haunted houses – This may seem childish, but consider going to haunted houses, and hayrides!  They can be a lot of fun, don’t cost much and is a great source of entertainment!

Football games – There are a lot of football games going on around this time.  Maybe consider going to your cities football games, or for a cheaper option consider going to your college’s football game.  These can be a lot of fun, and are a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Sports – Consider getting a sports team together!  Get your close family and friends together to play your favorite sports.  Do this a couple times a week for a cost-free hobby.  Not only is this a great way to get some exercise in, but it is also a nice way to enjoy the weather and quality time with those close to you.

Halloween – If you have the opportunity go trick-or-treating with your little siblings, cousins, etc.  This will bring back fun memories, and will keep you busy on the fun holiday.  If not, throw a Halloween party, or consider passing out candy this year.

There are a lot of fun things to do during the fall.  If you can, consider a few of these activities to keep you busy.  Make the best of this fall semester by having fun, instead of just keeping your nose in your books all season!