21BY9hgJ9AL__SL500_AA200_If you’re just starting your first year in college, you may be hearing about all the things you “need”.  College although it can be like high school, it has it’s differences.  You will find that you need different supplies for conveniences, and that it can be pretty pricey.  So, to clear up a common question, “Do I need a laptop in college?” there really isn’t an answer that fits everyone’s opinion.  Everyone is different, has a different budget, and can do without certain items in college. 

So, to make things easier, continue to read below to find out some of the reasons college students get a laptop.

Do I need a laptop?

* A lot of college students take quite a few english classes, so having a laptop can be extremely convenient.
* It can be easier to type up lecture notes than to write them.
* This is the computer they use 99% of the time.  This means notes are typed up on it, they communicate with others on it, and they do all their school work on it.
* A lot of college students have a few hours in between classes sometimes, so having the Internet is a great thing to keep busy.
* This is where they store all their school work to keep it organized.
* Having the Internet these days makes things a lot easier.
* A laptop can be used for many things, not just for your college classes.
* It’s a huge convenience to be able to pick up your computer and take it with you anywhere you go.

As you can see, laptops can be very convenient especially in your college years.  So, if you’re not sure whether or not you want to spend all that money on a laptop, consider the points listed above and see if they would help you out more in college.

Although laptops can be pretty pricey, there is a place you can always find a good deal.  Amazon has several laptops and desktops for a great price, not to mention free shipping!  Check them out!