If you’re a college student that has been feeling homesick, you’re not alone.  Many students who go away to college get some type of homesickness.  Going away to college can be very stressful and is a huge step in a young adults life.  If you’ve been homesick at college or if you have a child that is homesick at college be sure to consider some of these tips to help cure it. 

Get together – When you were at home, you probably hung out/saw your friends and family on a daily basis.  When in college make sure you still see those important people.  Have them visit you at college, or come home for the weekend once and a while.  Don’t let college separate you from your close ones.

Make friends – If you don’t know anyone that goes to the same college as you or have any friends at your college, make some changes.  Make sure you are social and get to know some people at college.  Having friends on campus is the best thing you can do to help cure your homesickness.  When you have friends close by, you are distracted and forget that you’re not at home with your other friends.  You also will feel more comfortable going to school when you have a few close friends near by.

Decorate – When you move into your dorm room it is usually full of blank walls, and looks pretty blan.  Be sure that when you move in you decorate it up!  Make your dorm room feel like home so you don’t feel so foreign to your surroundings.  Bring your favorite items from home and be sure to place them in your dorm room.

Clubs – Check out what clubs your college has to offer.  You may find one that you’re really interested in.  Not only do clubs get you out and about but they are also a great way to meet new people and make friends.  When you have a busy schedule it is less common to think about being homesick.

Knowing the area – Also, when you arrive to your college make sure you get to know the area around you.  Knowing your surroundings is one of the best things you can do.  Once you know what is local you feel more comfortable going out to the local stores, and places in your area.  So when you’re feeling down and need to get out of your dorm room, you’ll have a place to go if you need it.

When you’re homesick at college there are many things you can do.  Think of what made you happy at home and bring those memories back.  Whether it is drawing, playing video games or hanging out with friends, anything will work to help cure your homesickness.  Just remember that you’re not alone and if you consider some of these tips above, you have a better chance of curing it!