If you’re attending college now or you plan on attending in the future you may of heard that you have the opportunity to take an online college class or an at campus class.  Both campus and online have their advantages and disadvantages.  To find out which is better for you, consider some of the points below:

Online classes – Online classes are just what they say they are, online.  You will never have to go to the campus for any reason unless you want to speak with your professor.  You can do all of your work at home, at the library, anywhere as long as you have the Internet.

Advantages:There are many advantages to online classes.  I tend to like them a lot more than campus classes.  If you are a student who has a job, you should really consider online classes.  Online classes make your work schedule a whole lot easier.  You go to class when YOU want, instead of the other way around.  Also you get to save a ton of gas money this way.  Online classes make your schedules for everything else a lot easier also.  Also you can learn at your own pace.  You don’t have to sit in a class room and listen to the professor and other students talk or sit through a lecture of something you already know – that can save you a ton of time right there.  They are definitely something to consider!

Disadvantages – If you like interacting with people a lot, you may not like online classes.  You can interact with online but it will only be through a computer.  If you like contact to contact you may want to stick with just the campus classes.  Also, if you have questions you can e-mail or call your teacher, but it’s not as easy as just asking them when they’re right there, they have to have a life too.

Campus Classes – Campus classes are just like going to high school.  You meet new people, you’re in a class room just like high school and you have lectures. Just picture what your high school days were like and mix up the age groups a little bit.

Advantages:  Campus classes have many advantages also.  When you’re at campus you are learning right in a class room setting.  While the teacher is lecturing you can stop them right there to ask a question, while online you can’t.  You can interact with others and make friends a lot easier also.

Disadvantages:  With gas prices as high as they are today, you may be putting a hole in your wallet depending on how far away you live.  Also once you’re in the class you usually need to stay for the lectures, even if you know them.  Attendence is also another big thing.  If you’re working, have children and other tasks to do throughout the day, your attendance may become an issue.  Many professors allow their students only so many days that they can miss until they fail

Campus classes and online classes are totally different.  Although you learn the same material, you learn it in a whole different way.  They both have their disadvantages and advantages, it just all depends on what you like.  Consider some of the points above to figure out what would work best for you!