There are a couple of factor you may want to take into account when lighting your college dorm rooms is concerned. First and foremost, you should think about your room. Will a tall floor lamp be able to fit through your door? Do you have an adequate amount of table space for accent lamps? Most significantly, are there set of laws and policies with regards to what kind of lights you can make use of? Would a ceiling light or lights be sufficient to keep the room lighted whenever needed? Plus, there are so much more possible aspects to mull over. Being on familiar terms with these ahead of time will salt away a lot of grief from one’s self.

Get acquainted with the distinction between fluorescent and incandescent lighting. In case you do not, fluorescent lights are about four to six times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, are more frequently seen in offices, and last longer. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, burn a thin filament, and for that reason, they give out a lot of heat. Incandescent bulbs are less pricey as opposed to fluorescent bulbs, so take your pick. Lights can cause grave fire hazards. LED bulbs are much more harmless and reliable than standard bulbs. And we all know that less is more. Maintaining three lamps or ceiling lights in one dorm room is rather an adequate number, but this figure can change to have capacity for bigger and more spacious rooms like triples and quads.

A good rule of thumb is to place one accent lamp on each large surface. Put in small mirrors transversely from lamps to make your room appear larger. You can position them in a cool pattern on your wall, or you can try shaped mirrors. You can arrange the placement of ceiling lights in such a way where they can all together light up the whole room yet still be enough to light specific portion in case only one is switched on.

For a more personalized feel, you can show off your team spirit with the College Logo Ceiling Fan which comes with a standard light fixture to serve as lighting for the whole room. It can have 4 or 5 reversible blades that showcase a high gloss, full representation of your team’s logo. It is perfect for any college dorm room. It must be hung from the 2″ or 4″ down rods supplied as this fan may not be set up as a ceiling hugger.