If you have a college student that you’re shopping for this Christmas, you may be completely lost when it comes to getting present ideas.  They are at that age where they’re getting more picky and toys don’t satisfy them anymore like when they were younger.  College students are looking for items that will be helpful to them in college and will be useful as well.  It may seem a little hard when shopping for them but it is easier than you think.

If you need ideas, simply think what you would want if you were a college student.  Put yourself in their shoes.  They are usually on a tight budget due to school leaving them with not a lot of spending money.  Think of what you would want and what would be useful to you.  College students like gifts that interest them but also need items that will be helpful and useful to them as well.  Getting them a Christmas stocking is a great way to give them a present.  Fill it with little knick knacks they would enjoy.  Need some ideas on what to fill it with?  Continue to read below to get some help!

  • USB device (Very helpful when in college)
  • School supplies (Pens, pencils, post-it notes, calculator, stapler, highlighters, etc.
  • Gift cards (Favorite stores, gas cards, restaurants)
  • Recipe book for college students
  • Books
  • Cosmetics (For girls of course)
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Campus gift card
  • Agenda
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Picture frame
  • Batteries
  • Camera
  • Magazine subscription (On their field of study)

As you can see, there are many ideas out there for college students.  If you really get stuck ask them what would be helpful to them or consider this list above.  All of the items on here are items a student could use and some can really benefit them!  Choose wisely and once again, put yourself in their shoes!