There are so many things to look forward to when you head off to college, such as making new friends, living away from home and studying a subject you really love. However, one of the things you might be dreading is how you are going to manage your money.

When you move out of your parents house and start your college life, the last thing you want to do is go home when you have run out of money. But being a student doesn’t always mean that you will be broke; you simply have to be cautious and sensible with your money. You can easily do this by giving yourself a monthly budget, reading useful money saving articles on websites, or even seeking advice from older siblings or friends who have already been to college. This blog post will give you a few money saving tips which you might find useful.

1. Food Shopping

When it comes to buying groceries, try to shop in bulk and be sure to look out for offers. Buy one get one free or half price deals are perfect for students. In addition, be careful not to buy too many TV dinners; not only are they unhealthy but they are often quite pricey, so it is well worth cooking from scratch. Plus, limit the amount of times you dine out and make sure it is in your budget.

2. Text Books

Your professor is sure to ask you to do some background reading and we all know how pricey text books can be. So rather than buying a brand new book, why not borrow one from the library or buy a cheaper second hand copy off eBay for example.

3. Save money on your bills

When you are living in a house or a flat, it is certainly worth remembering to turn off any unnecessary lights or lamps. Alternatively, purchase some energy saving light bulbs.